Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Anonymous said: I masturbate semi often, but for some reason I cant fit more than one finger in my vagina. Do you have any idea what it is? I'm not nervous, I just can't seem to fit two fingers in.

Have you tried adding some lube?

Anonymous said: I'm really confused as to if I have ever had an orgasm. I'm a virgin, but discovered pillow humping and grinding to my blankets a while ago, so I do masturbate. But it's never "mind blowing" or "body shaking" at the end. It does feel good, obviously. But I'm not sure if what I feel is an orgasm. What do you think? Thank you for all your help!

It’s hard for me to judge, because you are the only one feeling these things!  Movies paint an unrealistic expectation of what orgasms are, unfortunately. And all orgasms are different! Some are big and bold, others are timid and shy. Generally, it’s a build up and release of pressure and some contractions of the vagina muscles along with “waves of pleasure” through the rest of the body. But what does that all really mean?? How can we really describe it?? It’s up for each individual person to define and identify their own orgasms.

So if you feel like you’ve experienced something in that vain, vary the intensity of your masturbating techniques to start adjusting the volume of your orgasms!

Anonymous said: So I've been masturbating for just over a year now, and almost every time I do it I get awful leg cramps. I haven't found anything that helps (pillows, different positions, etc.), and I was wondering if you'd have any suggestions?

Short of preemptively wrapping your legs in heat compresses, I’m not sure! Anyone have any ideas?

Anonymous said: How to get a multi orgasm

Just keep going! 

Anonymous said: Okay.. I want to get rid of my public hair, but it seems so complicated to do.. Because I'm considering using a hair removal cream, but then I've read that you can get chemical burns.. And if you shave, you can cut yourself or the hair might start growing in the wrong way.. So I don't know what to use, do you have any advice? What's easiest and best to use?

Of course, you should first ask yourself why you want to remove your pubic hair in the first place! If you feel it’s on your own terms and not because of pressure from any other source (including sex partners) then let’s get started!

Don’t use any cream type thing unless it specifically says it’s for your “bikini area”, or a similar euphemism. Shaving can be time consuming, but it’s the easiest method. Do a Google search for some good tips, and set aside a good chunk of time to do it. 

If your super serious about going smooth down there,  your best bet would be going to a wax salon. You’ll get the smoothest and longest lasting results, and the money will be worth it. 

Happy hair removing! 

Anonymous said: My hymen looks kind of meaty??? Sorry if thats a little gross, but theres a lot of thick skin? Idk how to describe it, and its so big it looks like its going to come out of my vagina? Is this normal?

Check out this blog to see the range of shapes labia come in! 


Anonymous said: I'm really horny when I'm on my period. How do I masturbate when I'm in the mood?

Hop in the bath! Easy clean up when your done! And if you want to go totally hands free, shower head/faucet :)

Anonymous said: I just started masturbating and the only way I orgasm is with a pillow any other ways that always work?

Of course! I would say you should start from the beginning (a very good place to start) and lay back and let your fingers explore.

Anonymous said: I just watched a sexy video and my pussy is throbbing and it hurts and feels like it needs to be touched so much why is it like that I can't masturbate it makes me too guilty how can I calm my pussy without getting off??

Anonymous said: How do you orgasm when having sex without using a vibrator on your clit?

Have you tried their fingers, your fingers, their tongue or, if you’re super flexible, your own tongue? Or, wait for it, have you tried using a vibrator on your clit during sex?