Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Anonymous said: What are some other types of masturbation? I'm 22 and well, I don't quite get off on manual stimulation as I used to. I mean even before it didn't quite produce mind blowing orgasms, but now when I do it I just feel unsatisfied and kind of "That was it?". I'll be honest, and this is sad, but I probably don't know how to properly touch myself (i.e., what I like and don't like). Kind of in a Christian household. So, yeah. Also I've never penetrated myself. Any advice for it good or even better? :)

Why don’t you go on an exploratory mission to find out what you do like! Take some time when you’re guaranteed privacy (this may mean setting your alarm for 2 AM!) and go into the recesses of the Internet (or your imagination, or your favorite NC-17 art film (I can provide suggestions here)) and find some erotica or porn that super turns your on. 

Or, if you don’t want to go the porn (or art house!) route just start with the most important person: you! Run a bath, light a candle, play soft music. Relax! Look at your body in the mirror, all of it. Touch, feel, rub yourself up, or oil yourself down, with nice lotions. Just let your mind and hands wander! 

It can feel weird or even embarrassing at first to only think about yourself, and to think of yourself in a sexual way, but once you find what you like, and how good it feels, you’ll get over it. Have fun!

Anonymous said: hey, so i was masturbating last night- and my clit is already very sensitve to the point it can be quite painful if i rub too much- but my whole area just felt really painful- i'd masturbated a couple times before in the day but it just felt really painful that time, is something wrong??

Nothing’s wrong, you’re just a little worn out! Same way your legs are tired later in the day after your 8 AM work out. Let your clit rest up and visit her again tomorrow.

Anonymous said: I've never had a orgasm and I've tried every method there is except for fingering. I've been so close to fingering myself but I either get nervous, can't really find where my vagina is, my fingernails are in the way, aren't wet enough, or it kind of hurts. I'm a virgin but I don't think that has anything to do with it. I get really frustrated and sometimes have nervous breakdown because it's a goal of mine. Any tips?

Cut your nails, get a mirror and take a look around! Check out some diagrams to know what you’re looking for! Get some lube, get aroused, take your time, and dive on in, finger-first.

Anonymous said: Hi I'm a 17-year-old girl and I've masturbated before but I always have on clothes and never know if I have hit the giant O. I've humped my pillow and my hand before and I always have a tightening feeling right below my belly button. I have know idea what to do with my nipples and penetration scares me, even in the tub. Is there something wrong with me? I want to make sure that when I have sex for the first time, I can "wet" myself up before the boy slips in. Please help! 😞💔😕

There’s nothing wrong! Just take it slow and go one step at a time. Once you feel that tightening, just keep going until you feel a release along with it. 

fatigued-tangles said: Can you describe what female ejeculation (the liquid itself) looks like, smells like, and the consistency. I think I mightve done it but I'm not sure? (Btw I love your blog its answered so many questions Ive had about masterbation)

Pretty much, clear, very water-y, and no smell! You’ll just have to do it again to double check :)



Monday, July 28, 2014

musings-of-a-manic said: Every time you use a rocky horror gift a puppy learns to fly. Thank you for flying puppies.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

misslayton said: I love you FY Female Masturbation. <3

We love you too! 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

boom boom pow


boom boom pow

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Anonymous said: Can you tell me how to have multiple orgasms? I've tried but have yet to succeed...

When you orgasm the first time, don’t move your hands! Slow down a little, but retain contact. Then when your orgasm begins to fade, start your favorite stimulations again! And repeat for as long as you can! 

Some clits are just too sensitive to be touching right after orgasm, and that’s cool too! You’ll just need to wait a little longer, but continue your fantasy or touch another part of yourself to remain in the mood and turned on.

Anonymous said: I have an easier/ quicker time getting to an orgasm when I watch porn as a masturbate. I can get off without porn, it just takes longer, is that a problem/reason for concern?

No! The porn is just keeping you in the mood and focused!