Monday, July 21, 2014

cheaptrick17 said: I just had my wisdom teeth removed, which isn't really a ton of fun as it is. In addition, I've found that I've been unconsciously clenching my teeth and causing more pain. I'm also incredibly horny and know that masturbation helps with stress and might therefore help with my jaw problem. My problem? I bite down when I masturbate. Can't help it. And it hurts at the moment. Any advice for a suffering sister?

The only thing I can think of, and this is weird, I know, is can you put something in your mouth to prevent the clenching? Like bite down on a pillow or something soft? Idk, my friend, that’s rough! Enjoy your post-surgery ice cream though!

Anonymous said: So I have been using a hitatchi for a few months now (amazing, but not the point) and theast time I used it I squirted for the first time when I came. Question: now that I have started to squirt, will I squirt every time I orgasm/ masturbate?

No! There were just some special things that came together in that one masturbation session that resulted in your first squirting orgasm, but it probably won’t be like that forever, as I’m sure you’ve seen by now. Of course, the question now is, can you recreate those circumstances to squirt again?

Anonymous said: panties or no panties in public

Generally panties, thanks for asking.

Anonymous said: i only started masturbating recently, and i'm nineteen i feel like i kind of missed out a lot :/ and even then it's learning how to cum properly idk

But now you have forever! This is only the beginning of your masturbatory career!! You have much to learn, my friend. Welcome to the rest of your life.

Anonymous said: me and my boyfriend both masterbate over skype seeing as he is so far away but when ever we did i can never figure if i have orgasmed or not im not really sure how to tell. help please >x< P.S i love your blog

Try masturbating alone for awhile before you hook up with your boyfriend again! Having another person involved can add pressure of you, and you might feel like you need to hurry or put on more of a show. Slow down and enjoy the ride!


Anonymous said: Hi, I hav no idea who to talk to about this. Recently I've been feeling kinda masculine, but I'm not thinking of myself as a boy. I identify greatly with my biological gender. I just needed to tell someone becuz everyone I know would just label me...

Gender can be process, and a feeling is just as valuable as a label! Enjoy exploring your identity privately, or publicly, if you ever choose to go that route. 

Check out Kate Bornstein’s My Gender Workbook for a little homework!

Anonymous said: I asked you a month ago if it was okay to ask you two different questions. I am 21F virgin and have never fingered myself or used tampons. I have extremely irregular periods. Is there a way to balance out hormones or something? If not what is an exam like at a gyno? Secondly I masturbate by clit stimulation but tried to finger myself. It didn't go far at all and it felt really weird. Also I have a lot of fear and anxiety about it. Sorry about the tmi. Thanks for your help.

All we do here is TMI!

Trips to the gyno are not scary at all. Even if you start to feel a little awk as you change into your fashionable paper gown, you have to remember that it is this person’s job to examine vaginas and they have seen everything. Everything. Don’t be worried about making an appointment with them to discuss an irregular period…that’s what they’re there for! That is literally their favorite topic!

As for fingering, remember to take your time, and be sure you’re super in the mood first! Watch some porn or read some erotical if that would help put you in the zone. Start by rubbing your clit and you can continue to do so while you explore ~your depths~. God (or whoever) gave us two hands for a reason! 

Anonymous said: um, I sorta have a problem. I don't like touching my vagina, at all. I like it when my boyfriend does it but when I try it I feel like it's just kinda gross. no one's ever told me that masturbating is gross or anything like that so I don't know why I feel like this. also I'm a virgin and I've tried to "stretch myself out" to get ready for sex by putting in a tampon, but every time I try I can't get it in and I get really dizzy and feel like I'm going to faint and I have to stop. please help :/

I think even if no one has ever told us directly before that masturbating/vaginas are gross, that is just a message that is coded into the media we’ve been consuming since we were born, so it’s easily to subconsciously pick up that attitude. I would say give your lil’ vag another chance! No reason to give up on her! Make sure you’re not rushed and have lots of privacy, light a candle, open up a bottle of wine…make a night of it! This is a song just for you:

As for the sex stuff, add some wetness to the equation, both naturally and withs some lube! The tampon is probably unnecessary, and really won’t feel good at all if you’re not wet. Take your time and breathe!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Anonymous said: I masturbated this morning!


Anonymous said: um hi so the farthest back I can remember masturbating is when I was eight, is that really weird? i never really stopped, just started feeling guilty when I got older and found out what I was really doing and now i just really want to know if other people start orgasming that early and if it's normal, or maybe if it desensitizes down there or anything. thanks