Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Anonymous asked: i masturbate without using my hands, and i know it's uncommon but my worry is that i can never orgasm anyway else besides my usual way! do i have to just try other ways to get used to them?

It’s always good to have a little variety in addition to that sure-fire way that you know works for you. So for every 10 hands-free orgasms you enjoy, make the 11th one hands-on!

Anonymous asked: i just started to masturbate recently (like maybe a few weeks ago) and i cannot get wet. i'll orgasm and still be as dry as the desert. help! is there something wrong with me?!

That might be something to bring up with your gynecologist on your next visit, but you can also easily go to CVS/Walgreens/whatever and buy a bottle of lube!

Anonymous asked: Hi. I was wondering if you knew how to quit masturbation because I think I'm addicted. I masturbated 4 times a day for the past days. Thx

I don’t see the problem here!

rawr55125 asked: Im a lesbian and


Sunday, February 2, 2014
Here’s the thing. Your vagina smells and tastes fantastic to those who love you (and even sometimes those who don’t). If it doesn’t, it only means that they are themselves buried in shame. And you know deep down, no matter how hard you scrub your vagina or how many times a day you douche, you will never be rid of shame. Because it doesn’t come off with soap and water, it only dissolves with love. As if it was never there. So love you and your smell and others will too. It’s really that simple.


(Sorry it’s pretty cisnormative but this is REALLY important!) 

Anonymous asked: I'm really excited! I finally was able to ask my mom to buy a vibrator! (It was still embarrassing and mostly involved me pointing in the air and saying nothing until I spat out a few words. ^^") I just want to thank this blog because I don't think I would have even dreamed of asking before, but you have been so accepting and are able to openly talk about this and I don't feel guilty anymore. Thank you!

That’s so great! I don’t think I would ever want to talk to my mom about that but I’m glad we inspired you :)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

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Anonymous asked: Masturbation while on a period is the best I swear the cramps went away for four hours after I orgasmed!

Yessss! Totally agree :)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Anonymous asked: Hi. I figure you're a pretty open minded individual considering you're pan, so answer me a thing? I'm a girl who is pretty happy being a girl, but sometimes I kinda feel like a dude? I don't want to be a guy, but maybe be called a guys name? Lol. I'm so weird. I like my vagina but I just want to be called a boy

Honestly, gender is a really fluid thing. You shouldn’t feel weird for having ‘subversive’ thoughts about how you want people to refer to you. If you feel comfortable expressing your desires to your friends and family, they should respect and validate your identity!!! 

fuckfeelmypassion asked: I was my with bf for close to a year and we had sex at the 10 month mark and someone found out and said i was a slut because im only 15 close to 16. Am I? I mean were at a year and almost a month now, I did it because i trust him enough with my body.

Ugh, don’t listen to that bitch. They’re just jealous. 

But for real, it’s your body and your choice. You waited until you felt right and were with somebody you trusted and loved. That’s like, the opposite of a slutty thing to do.

But at the same time, if someone wanted to meet someone random in a bar/from the Internet/an app, and have sex in the bathroom/in their car/in a rent-by-the-hour motel room, that’s also super cool! Everybody has a different relationship with sex and how, where and with whom they want to have it. That’s why we all have the choice to do whatever we want!

Do what makes you feel comfortable, and don’t shame or judge other people for the choices they make, no matter how different they are from yours. 

Basically, it’s okay to be a slut and it’s okay to wait until marriage. It’s not okay to make people feel bad about themselves.