Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Anonymous said: So I'm 21 years old and I have the hardest time making myself orgasm. This has been a huge problem lately because my boyfriend has been away for weeks and I am unable to pleasure myself. It's frustrating because he's always telling me that he just masturbated to pictures of me, but I have videos and pictures of him as well and I can't seem to get myself to climax. Any tips for successful female masturbation resulting in orgasm?

Relax and don’t put too much pressure on yourself! Make you’re super turned on before you start touching yourself, and try new techniques or a vibrator!

Anonymous said: Is it true that sticking things in your vagina, such as sex toys, can cause yeast infection or any other type of infection?

Just make sure that whatever you’re sticking in your vagina (talk about scintillating syntax!!) is clean, and then clean it after your done!

Anonymous said: I have little to no inner labia, is this abnormal? I feel quite self conscious about it

Everybody is different, every body is different!!


Anonymous said: just something to celebrate! my dear friend has finally recovered enough from her depression to have a sex drive!!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

“Sex is so weird. Like hey, I love you let me stick my hard extra limb into your tiny hole and then slam it into you repeatedly because I love you.” –Blake Henderson.

Let’s face it. Sex is awkward. It’s not all silky sheets and romantic music like in the movies. At Intercourse Interrupted (http://is-it-in-yet.tumblr.com) we want to show that it’s okay to laugh, and blush, and cringe, and enjoy all the sounds, quirks, and interruptions that make being sexy human beings so great! And if we make you laugh along the way, then that’s even better.

So come on, share your stories! If you show me yours, I’ll show you mine.

Anonymous said: Hello! I really appreciate what you're doing on the blog; it's like, the only helpful female masturbation blog out here. Anyway, when I masturbate, I usually use a pencil when I want something inside me other than a dildo or a vibrator (I don't have one, but I'm planning on buying one when I'm 16) is using a pencil bad for my health? I use the stump end.

I definitely don’t think a pencil would be a good thing to put inside of you…even if it is the ‘stump end’. Something thicker, like the end of a hairbrush, may work better! 

Anonymous said: Squeeze my legs together-works every time. Using my fingers to stimulate my clitoris made me orgasm so hard; the twitching legs, bit my tongue to stifle the gasps. Showerhead--I haven't gotten the chance to orgasm, but the feeling is very intense and very lovely. Fingering has yet to come to me properly, but I haven't stopped trying. :)

Sounds like a lovely evening!

Anonymous said: So I'm fairly happy with masturbating with a certain vibrator or rubbing my clit, but I've lately felt that I need to penetrate myself because I'm ace and have no desire to do it with other people. But no matter how hard I try, no matter how aroused or lubed-up I am, I can't get it in at all.

Try doing it in front of a mirror! 

Anonymous said: OK, so I identify as straight but I feel like I'm open to dating girls and guys and becoming physical with them once I have a steady relationship,I also get off much better to girls than guys, I'm really confused what this means? For me, a relationship with someone is about their personality and then their downstairs department.. so I guess I wouldn't be be fussed if they were a guy or a girl or in between... Please help! Or at least tell me I'm not alone! Thanks :)

Well you’re def not alone! One quick spin around Tumblr should tell you that.

Just go with the flow and see who you click with. If a friendship turns into more embrace it, and worry about labels later, or when it feels right. Just be honest with the people you’re intimate with!

Anonymous said: Is 13 too young to be masturbating?