Monday, July 21, 2014

Anonymous said: I've never squirted before. But I want to so bad, how do I do it? Can you answer privately so that I can see it in my ask right away please?

I can’t answer privately if you’re anonymous anyhow :(

Anonymous said: I hump the corner of my bed and i ALWAYS orgasm! best feeling ever :)

You hear that, ladies??

Anonymous said: I masturbated at a friends house yesterday at her party with a house full of people, I had to put my shirt in my mouth to stop from moaning ! Just thought you might want to know

Naughty, naughty!

Anonymous said: I don't shave my private part very often, but when I do shave it, it seems to get veerrryy dry for a few days until the hair is growing back again. Is that normal? Is there anything I can do to avoid that? I'm a Virgin and I've had close calls where a boy was going to touch me down there but I was afraid because of how dry it is.

Not sure if you’re referring to the skin itself or to your vagina. If it’s your vagina, that may be a question the next time you’re at the doctor, because I’m not really sure what the correlation between public hair and natural lubrication is. 

Anonymous said: I'm 16 and i always masturbate by using my jet shower head but when I finger myself I don't feel as much pleasure, I want to try a sex toy, but don't want to purchase one. Do you know anyway to make a homemade one? Also I'm scared that a normal dildo will be to big for me seeing as I am a virgin

There are lots of homemade sex toy recipes you can find online, but I’m of the feeling that anything you’re going to stick inside your body should be designed for that purpose. Check out online retailers with discreet shipping, or even the shelves of your local drug store! 

cheaptrick17 said: I just had my wisdom teeth removed, which isn't really a ton of fun as it is. In addition, I've found that I've been unconsciously clenching my teeth and causing more pain. I'm also incredibly horny and know that masturbation helps with stress and might therefore help with my jaw problem. My problem? I bite down when I masturbate. Can't help it. And it hurts at the moment. Any advice for a suffering sister?

The only thing I can think of, and this is weird, I know, is can you put something in your mouth to prevent the clenching? Like bite down on a pillow or something soft? Idk, my friend, that’s rough! Enjoy your post-surgery ice cream though!

Anonymous said: So I have been using a hitatchi for a few months now (amazing, but not the point) and theast time I used it I squirted for the first time when I came. Question: now that I have started to squirt, will I squirt every time I orgasm/ masturbate?

No! There were just some special things that came together in that one masturbation session that resulted in your first squirting orgasm, but it probably won’t be like that forever, as I’m sure you’ve seen by now. Of course, the question now is, can you recreate those circumstances to squirt again?

Anonymous said: panties or no panties in public

Generally panties, thanks for asking.

Anonymous said: i only started masturbating recently, and i'm nineteen i feel like i kind of missed out a lot :/ and even then it's learning how to cum properly idk

But now you have forever! This is only the beginning of your masturbatory career!! You have much to learn, my friend. Welcome to the rest of your life.

Anonymous said: me and my boyfriend both masterbate over skype seeing as he is so far away but when ever we did i can never figure if i have orgasmed or not im not really sure how to tell. help please >x< P.S i love your blog

Try masturbating alone for awhile before you hook up with your boyfriend again! Having another person involved can add pressure of you, and you might feel like you need to hurry or put on more of a show. Slow down and enjoy the ride!