Thursday, March 31, 2011

G-Spot TAKE TWO: From a Woman’s Perspective

The earlier post about the G-Spot was a reblog written directly to a male audience hoping to ‘conquer’ the mysteries of the G-Spot. (Read: heteronormative.)

Please… you don’t need a penis to find the G-Spot. And you sure as hell don’t need a male to find pleasure! Here’s how to do it YOURSELF.


  • The G-Spot is REAL. No ‘even if…’s, ‘but…’s, or ‘what about…?’s about it.
  • People often don’t think it’s real because it can really only be stimulated while a female is sexually aroused— if you aren’t feeling it sexually, you aren’t feeling the G-Spot!
  • The G-Spot is anatomically equivalent to the male prostate, as in the prostate and G-Spot develop from the same embryonic tissue.
  • Arousal of the G-Spot is what leads to the phenomenon known as female ejaculation— which also is NOT a myth. However, some women will ejaculate next to nothing and others huge quantities.


  • WHAT AM I LOOKING FOR? Your G-Spot! It can only be felt through the vaginal walls while your feeling sexually aroused so put on some porn, dream up some fantasies, or have a partner help out!
  • WHERE AM I LOOKING? Take your open palm and form a narrow V-shape with your thumb and pointer finger. Turn this V upside-down— your fingers represent your labia and your clit is at the corner of the V. Finger your hand-vagina with the pointer finger of your other hand. Your G-Spot is located approximately around where the center of your palm is.
  • WHAT DOES IT FEEL LIKE? To the touch, it should actually feel a bit like the roof of your mouth closest to your teeth.
  • WHAT DO I DO WITH IT?¬†Play with it! Every female will like playing with it in different ways… pressing it, rubbing it, vibrating it, circling it, caressing it… experiment with how it feels!
  • WILL I EJACULATE? You may or may not ejaculate, depending on how much fluid has built up in the female prostate (called the Skene’s gland). If you’re worried about ejaculate causing a mess, lay down a towel before you start exploring or explore in a bath tub.
  • WHAT DOES EJACULATING/COMING FEEL LIKE?¬†Well, the self-administered orgasm is a feeling that is all sorts of wonderful! However, for females, ejaculating may feel a lot like peeing since the fluid will be ejaculated from the urethra. BUT female ejaculate is NOT urine!!! It’s a milky fluid and I’ve been told it has a distinctive smell too (but I wouldn’t be able to describe it since I’ve never had the opportunity).

So ignore our early reblog about the G-Spot from a male perspective… you NEVER need a penis to have fun on your own. ;)

Bon voyage,